5th Gen Camaro Single Kit GP Sale

2020-21 GROUP PURCHASE for the 5th gen Camaro Single T4 Kit!

Sale is Live! Ends 1/10/21

This is our 2nd year running this sale combo, but we have based the structure on our F-body Group Sale which has been running successfully for 7 straight years!

Link below will go Live to Place your Deposit and Enter at 9:30am EST on 11-27-20.


You can keep up to date on the number of entrants and spots filled at the bottom of this page.

Sale ends at Midnight, 1/10/21, Don’t Miss Out!!

Total Number Entered as of  Jan. 7th, 2021 :  21

Kits included in this Group Purchase: 

5th Gen Camaro SS/ZL1 Single T4 Turbo Kit:
*First (3) to enter will receive a FREE HS-44 Wastegates and HS-50 BOV
*4th, 5th, and 6th to enter will receive a FREE HS-50 BOV

**Information is all below for the group purchase. If you do not see something answered below, please contact us at: huronspeedproducts@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist.


Deposit links will go Live at 9:30am EST on 11-27-20 (Black Friday)

Basic Important Information

Please take your time and read all of the information below. Everything should be covered, but if you have any questions please feel free to shoot us a PM or e-mail direct (Huronspeedproducts@gmail.com) and we would be happy to assist you! READ EVERYTHING AND BECOME FAMILIAR PLEASE BEFORE ORDERING. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason during this sale, so if you have ANY questions, please ask us to clear them up before placing your deposit.

The following Group Purchase includes savings on our Turbo kits up to $250 off + FREE SHIPPING + FREE Wastegate + FREE BOV. There is potential in this sale to save over $900, so do what you can to spread the good word to grow the sale.

How the Group Purchase Works:
-Deposits are $750 to enter. The Group Purchase will run through January 10th, 2021 and the more people that enter, the larger the savings will be. Final payment prices on the kits will be dictated by the number of people in at the end of the sale (Pricing breakdown is listed below) and will be due upon completion of your kit before it ships to you after the sale’s end. Be sure to check out the incentives (Listed below and on the right) as well as you can get some very nice Free Components by getting your deposit in early!

Sale broken down very simply:
*You will pay your $750 deposit to enter
*You will pay your Final Payment at the sale’s end (This amount will be determined via the structure below, more that enter the lower your final payment will be
*You will pay for any add-ons or upgrades if you wish via the drop down menus. They are available at both Deposit and Final Payment time so you can pay for some at either time, or some at both, your choice!

-To participate in the group purchase, the purchaser must complete their $750 NON REFUNDABLE AND NON TRANSFERABLE deposit on the kit of their choice. They then need to complete the final payment of the kit (dictated by the total number of entrants at sale’s end) after the sale’s end to have their kit shipped out.

-The expected delivery of kits sold in this group purchase will vary depending upon number of total kits in the group purchase and many other factors that go into the manufacturing process. Some may be available immediately at the sales end based on our inventory, while others may have a build time of 6-8 weeks.

We are offering huge savings, free components, and incentives for this sale with our only requirement of you is that we ask for your patience in delivery of the kit.

Pricing Breakdown

*Pricing below is based on total number of people with deposits in. It doesn’t matter what kit the deposits are in for, the pricing below is indicated simply by the total number of people in the group purchase!!

*All pricing below also includes FREE Shipping to the Lower 48 US States.

Pricing Structure:
-Pricing below is based on total number of people with deposits in.
-All pricing below also includes FREE Shipping to the lower 48 states

1-7 Entrants
$2249 TOTAL, $750 deposit plus $1499 due when kit ships)

8-13 Entrants
$2199 TOTAL, $750 deposit plus $1449 due when kit ships)

14-20 Entrants
$2149 TOTAL, $750 deposit plus $1399 due when kit ships)

21-24 Entrants
$2099 TOTAL, $750 deposit plus $1349 due when kit ships)

25 Entrants CAPPED
$1999 TOTAL, $750 deposit plus $1249 due when kit ships)

This sale will be CAPPED at 25.

Running Total!

Total Number Entered as of 1/7/21 : 21

5th Gen Single T4 Kit:
1.) Labatt *Free HS44 WG + HS50 BOV
2.) Cisneros *Free HS44 WG + HS50 BOV
3.) Labelle *Free HS44 WG + HS50 BOV
4.) McIntosh *Free HS50 BOV
5.) Randall *Free HS50 BOV
6.) Flores *Free HS50 BOV
7.) Percora
8.) Castaneda
9.) Edwards
10.) Morales
11.) Fitzgerald
12.) Rockwood
13.) Valdez
14.) Sprehe
15.) Worden
16.) Conti
17.) Crance
18.) Partain
19.) Johnson
20.) Hubbard
21.) Martinez