98-02 F-body Twin Turbo Kit Oil-Lines


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Oil feed and drain lines with fittings

Standard set Includes:

  • 4an feed line 3-piece set with (3) 1/8npt to -4an fittings, and (1) -4an Tee Fitting.
  • 10an drain line 2-piece set with (2) 1/2npt to -10an fitting.

Twin Oil Line kit includes fitting to thread into oil spout above the oil filter tapped for 1/8″ NPT for your oil source. From here one of the -4an feed line runs up the drivers side of the engine into the engine bay. Here it will meet one part of the included -4an Tee fitting. One of the other outlets on the Tee fitting will hook up the included short -4an feed line running to the drivers side turbocharger oil feed. The final outlet on the Tee fitting will run the last remaining, included -4an feed line across the engine bay to the passenger side turbo. Also included is (2) more 1/8″ NPT to -4an fittings to thread into most T4 turbos allowing you to thread the lines onto the turbos.

For the Drain you have (2) -10an drain lines. Was built to have the 45* end at the turbo, and the 90* end at the oil pan of each line. (2) 1/2″ NPT to -10an fittings included to install into your oil pan for the oil drain (requires you to drill/tap oil pan for 1/2″ NPT). Will require fittings or flanges at the turbo to hook up the drain lines at this location. Optional we can include a pair of T4 Turbo oil drain flanges with -10an male fittings. Check to ensure this is what your turbochargers take as some such as Comp 3bb simply require fittings and not flanges with their billet center section.

*This Oil Line kit was built to be used with our F-body V2 Twin Turbo Kits*

Optional: T4 Turbo Drain Flanges can be added to your order if needed. It is a Straight -10an male fitting on it. Bolt to your turbocharger drain location for the line to hook up to. Optional as some turbochagers do not take a flange such as Comp 3bb (threaded fitting) and others such as smaller T4s take an angled -10 fitting off the flange.

Typically in stock, however please plan to allow for a 3-5 day build time. Thank you!


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