Huron Speed 5th Gen Camaro SS Single T4 Kit


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Intercooler * 

Add Turbo

Add Wastegate

Add Blow off valve

Add HSP Spark Plug Wire Set

Highly Recommend to fit around the kit’s manifolds

Add Fueling Package

Add Coating

Add Huron Speed Boost/Vacuum Reference Kit

Includes CNC fitting to go inline of your brake booster hose for the source. Various fittings and hose length with spring clamps to setup and run all of your boost/vacuum reference needs!

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Huron Speed Products 2010-15 Camaro SS Single T4 Kit

*Please contact prior to ordering for product lead time



-Extremely Strong and thick Stainless Steel Sch. 10 v-banded manifolds – Raw Stainless

-Stainless Steel v-banded T4 Crossover pipe with extra large wastegate merge for 44-46mm waste gate – Raw Stainless

-Stainless Steel full 3″ DP w/ waste gate recirculation port – Raw Stainless

-Stainless Steel 3″ Exhaust Y-pipe (Auto OR Manual Trans) Connects to factory exhaust. – Raw Stainless

-3 Piece Polished, ALUMINUM 3″-3.5″ Cold Side Piping w/ 50mm BOV Flange and Factory MAF Flange

-4″ Thick extra large intercooler to keep IAT’s low and allow for optimal performance

-Bolt on FMIC Brackets

-All V-band Clamps included

-All Silicone Couplers & T-bolt Clamps included

-Heat Management Package included w/ (2) 50′ Rolls of 2″ Wide Black Heat Wrap, Long Heat Sleeve for wiring/hoses, and (2) Heat Blankets.

-T4 Turbo Blanket Included

-Oiling Feed and Return lines w/ fittings for Turbo


**Piping kit only, requires other items noted to run, vehicle will not run without these outside sourced items completed by you, therefore sold as show only.


**Wastegate and BOV pictured are NOT included in the base price, must be added in from the drop-down menu**


-No turbo, WG or BOV included, you can select one from a drop down menu based on your brand preference and specs, pricing will be heavily discounted.

-No coolant overflow tank included as our design did not fit all years, therefore you will need to set up a coolant overflow tank.



Advantage of having the Huron Speed customer service! 

Requires Turbocharger, wastegate, BOV, proper fueling upgrades, Proper PCV Setup, Installation, Coolant Overflow tank.


Additional information

Downpipe Option

Standard 3: Through K-member, Optional 4" 2pc Bumper Exit, Both Downpipes Included


Base 4" Thick FMIC, BELL 4.5" Thick High Efficiency Core

Add K-member

None, PA Racing Turbo Style, BMR Turbo Style

Add Turbo - T4

None, Huron Speed Turbo Billet 7875 .96, Turbonetics TC78 Journal Bearing, Turbonetics 7875 BB, Turbonetics Billet 7575 BB, Precision Billet 7675 Journal Bearing, Precision PT88 .96, Comp Cast 7875, Journal Bearing, Comp Billet 7875, Journal Bearing, Comp Billet 7875, Triple Ball Bearing

Add Wastegate

None, Add XSPower 44mm, Add Precision PW46, Add Turbosmart Hyper-gate 45, Add Huron Speed HS-44


None, XS-Power 50mm, Turbosmart Race-Port 50mm

Add Injectors

None, Siemens Deka 60#, Siemens Deka 80#, Bosch 95#, Bosch 127#, FIC 160#

Add Fuel Pump Kit

None, Add Single Racetronix Kit w/ Hotwire, Add Squash Dual 99-02 DW 200/255 LPH pumps, Add Squash Dual 99-02 Walbro 267 – E85 and gas pumps

Add Fuel Line Kit (Feed, Return, Reg, Rails, Filter)

None, Add Nasty Stg. 3 Line Kit

Add Pair of Derale #16925 Pusher Fans

None, Add a pair of Derale Pusher Fans – #16925

Add Coating

None – Raw Stainless, Add Ceramic Coating to Hotside, Add Powdercoating to Cold Side (Leave color at checkout), Add Full Kit Ceramic + Powder (Leave color at checkout)


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