Huron Speed / Comp Billet 7880 CT-R Turbo


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-Built at Comp Turbo for us, build time may apply. Contact for lead time prior to ordering, or plan on a typical few week build time prior to shipment.


Faster Transient Response

99% Mechanical Efficiency

Fully Rebuildable/Upgradeable

Anti-Surge Compressor Housing

Available Journal Bearing, Triplex Ceramic 3bb, Oil-Less (water only), Air-cooled (no oil OR water)

Billet Aluminium Bearing Housing on 3bb, Oil-less, Air-cooled (Cast on Journal Bearing)

Patented TRIPLEX CERAMIC™ Ball Bearing System (not included in Journal Bearing)

3X Thrust Load Capacity Than Journal Bearing System

NEW 7/14 Vane Billet Slim Hub Extended Tip Compressor Wheel


360 Journal Bearing

Triplex Oil 2.0

Oil-Less 3.0




Inducer 78mm

Exducer 108mm



OD 82mm

Exducer 80mm


Huron Speed labeled POLISHED H-Cover

4.0″ anti-surge Inlet, 3.0″ Outlet


These units are build per order at Comp Turbo. Please allow a few weeks for build and it will ship directly to you from Comp Turbo. Additional services such as anodizing may add a small additional build time to your order.


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