Huron Speed Copper V-Band Gaskets


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Huron Speed Copper V-band Gaskets

CNC cut from Copper material. These sandwich between your V-band flanges to add a layer of seal between the 2 metal mating surfaces. Copper is a soft material that allows a nice crush to create a seal.

*Sizes available are measured at the Inside Diameter, or typically easiest to match to the tube size that is welded to your v-band flange, NOT the Outside diameter of the V-band flange. Example: our 3″ measures 3″ on the ID and 3 5/8″ on the OD.

Also note these are cut to fit with our V-band flanges used in our kits, other brand V-bands may have different diameters.


Compatibility Notes for our kits:

2.0″ : Fits the Crossover to Manifold connection on our Cam5T4 kit (5th gen Camaro Single T4 kit)

2.5″: Fits the Crossover to Manifold connection on our V3 F-body kits, V3&V4 Truck Kits, Fox body kits, and TBSS Kit

3.0″: Fits the 3″ downpipe connections off turbocharger or downpipe to downpipe connections on our V3 T4, V3 AC Fbody Kits, V3&V4 T4 Truck Kit, 5th Gen Camaro Single T4 kit.




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