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*This item is the $1500 non-refundable DEPOSIT for our Group Sale sale running from 8/3/22 through 8/31/22 OR until all 10 available spots are taken. This purchase will place you into our sale and your final payment owed to receive the kit will be determined at the end of the sale on 8/31/22 depending on how many total people enter the sale. Please see info below for all of the information on the sale, pricing structure, FREE incentives and discounts. Being one of the first few to place this deposit will get you FREE turbo components with your kit as well so do not wait to get in!

There is NO Product associated with this purchase, this is simply the deposit to enter the sale. You must complete your final payment when the sale is complete to get your product shipped to you. This deposit is non-refundable or transferable for any reason.


  • *We will cap the sale at 10 kits.
    *There will be a $1500 non-refundable deposit to enter.
    *The more that enter the lower everyone’s total price will be, pricing structure is below.
    *Those that deposit early will get some additional incentives, pretty nice ones, see below!
    *Sale will run until the end of this month (August 2022) to collect deposits, after that you can make your final payment and your kit will ship immediately, no wait time!!
  • *You will simply deposit now, you can add any options to your kit with the final payment when the sale is over.The following Group Purchase includes savings on the kit up to $500 off + FREE SHIPPING + FREE K-member + FREE Starter. There is potential in this sale to save over $1500 +.Incentives:

    -1st-2nd entered will receive a FREE BMR K-member designed specifically for this kit AND a FREE MSD Mini-Starter, $900 in FREE Extras

    -3rd-4th entered will receive a FREE BMR K-member designed specifically for this kit OR a FREE MSD Mini-Starter, Your Choice

    -FREE Shipping INCLUDED for everyone in this sale! You will not have to pay a dime for shipping, Huron Speed covers it all! If you are outside of the lower 48, we will take your exact shipping cost and deduct $249 from it! Another $249 in savings for everyone here!

    -Money off in the pricing structure below with the more that enter. If we will fill the sale at 10 and you enter as one of the first 2, you will receive $500 off the kit, $249 off for Free Shipping, and $900 in Free Components saving you $1649!!

    -Discounted add-on options. We have a limited number of Base 5860 turbos left so we will be discounting the upgrade prices for the 6266s and 6766s in this sale for everyone. Fuel System add-ons will also be reduced for everyone! Upgrading to 6266s will be $400 for the pair (Normally $500) and 6766s will be $600 for the pair (Normally $800). Fuel Systems will be discounted to $1249 for the Stage 1 and $1499 for the Stage 2.

    Pricing Structure:

    Standard this kit is listed for sale at $6499 + $249 shipping.
    -Pricing below is based on total number of people with deposits in.
    -All pricing below also includes FREE Shipping to the Lower 48 US States, additional $249 in savings.

    1-5 Entrants
    $6399 TOTAL, $1500 deposit due now to enter, $4899 due when kit ships

    6-7 Entrants
    $6299 TOTAL, $1500 deposit due now to enter, $4799 due when kit ships

    8-9 Entrants
    $6149 TOTAL, $1500 deposit due now to enter, $4649 due when kit ships

    10 – Capped
    $5999 TOTAL, $1500 deposit due now to enter, $4499 due when kit ships


Kit Components:

*.120 wall extra thick Stainless Steel manifolds

*Stainless steel 3″ dp with 44-46mm wastegate flanges ending in the same location as LT Headers for easy exhaust attachment. Downpipes now upgraded with nicer ribbed bellow Flex!

*Updated, Now polished ALUMINUM cold-side tubing

*Updated, Now polished ALUMINUM, extra large Intake tubing for improved airflow to the turbos

*Extremely Large Black Series Front Mount Intercooler w/ brackets and air shrouding

*Billet 5860 Turbochargers included to provide quick spool and support 1000hp+

*Pair of our HS44 wastegates included which will recirculate into the downpipes

*Pair of HS50 BOVs included which vents to the atmosphere for those awesome turbo sounds

*All oil feed and return lines Included

*Air Filters for the intake tubes Included

*Hardware to mount everything Included

*Fabricated coolant overflow tank and windshield washer tank Included


Kit REQUIRES our version of BMR K-member and a MSD Mini-Starter which we can include from the drop down menu’s for $600 for the K-member and $300 for the Mini-Starter. Kit requires fueling and tuning changes to run, vehicle will not run without these outside sourced items completed by you, therefore sold as show only.

Kit RETAINS all OEM Air conditioning, front sway far, OEM radiator, OEM cooling fans, front crash bar, fog lights on Trans Am. It is the ultimate kit for a street driven 4th gen F-body!

If running 6-bolt block and/or heads some dimpling of the manifolds is required to clear the additional head bosses.



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