Huron Speed 5th Gen Camaro SS V2 Twin Turbo Kit – Black Friday – Cyber Monday


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Huron Speed 5th Gen Camaro SS V2 Twin Turbo Kit

*Black Friday – Cyber Monday Special*

*Please allow a few weeks for shipment of your kit. If adding in components such as Turbochargers, Wastegates, BOV, etc those will dropship direct to you from the manufacturer and may have some build time.


$250 off the kit

FREE Shipping to the Lower 48 States ($249 in additional savings)

Discounted Comp Air-Cooled Turbo options! (Additional $100 off each turbo, $200 in savings)

Discounted Huron Speed Tubular Manifold upgrade ($100 off)

Discounted Huron Speed Muffler-less Axle back upgrade ($100 off)

$899 in total Savings available: This weekend Only!


Kit Features:

*Fits V-band .82 or 1.06 inlet Turbos ranging from Billet 5858s up to Billet 6871s w/ E-cover compressor covers. This allows us to supply a very quick spooling set-up on a factory engine, up to 1300+ RWHP  capability!

*Full 3″ Stainless Steel Downpipes are standard, sending the exhaust back into the tunnel and our supplied X-pipe, further into supplied connection pipes back to the axle-back connection location using OEM hangers

*Intake tubes now ran up into the front bumper with Air filters off each turbo allows them to properly breath while safe for daily driving use, even in the rain!

*Retains all OEM accessories in their OEM Locations less the Windshield Washer tank which we supply the bolt in replacement constructed from Stainless Steel so it can be used for a methanol tank as well if desired!

*Requires NO drilling/tapping for the oiling! Recommend  Comp Air-cooled turbos for extremely easy installation and zero hassles of oiling issues or running of lines.

*Extra strong .120 wall stainless hot-side that comes backed by a LIFETIME warranty as with the rest of the piping!

*Large 4″ Thick base Intercooler w/ air-guides to support 1000hp, larger upgrade options available as well!

*System feature a few higher flowing merge pipe on the cold-side as well as an easily removable straight section for simple oil-change access.

*System now sits over a full inch higher than the previous for even more ground clearance. Everything is still protected by our supplied bottom protection plate that also is moved up 1″ higher.

*Back by the Huron Speed Lifetime Warranty (see details on our home-page)


Included Components:

*Stainless extra thick .120 wall Tubular V-band inlet Hot-side tubes w/ 44-46mm WG flanges that mate to OEM Exhaust manifolds, shorty headers or our optional Tubular Stainless manifolds that clear 6-bolt heads

*Stainless Steel 3″ Downpipes that hug wide for excellent transmission clearance

*Stainless Steel 3″ X-pipe for excellent exhaust scavenging and sound

*Stainless Steel 3″ Mid-pipes that connect from the X-pipe back to the axle-back location using OEM hangers

*Polished Aluminum Cold Side Piping up to the Intercooler

*Polished Aluminum 3.5″ Cold-Side Piping into Throttle Body w/ 50mm BOV flange and OEM MAF sensor flange.

*Polished Aluminum 3″ Inlet tubes and Air filters that run all the the way up into the front bumper for excellent airflow as well as no worries of driving in all weather conditions!

*Base 4″ thick Air-to-Air Intercooler supports plenty of flow, with optional Intercooler upgrades available as well

*All new easy to install 1-piece Intercooler mounting bracket

*All required silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps

*Pair of Turbo Blankets

*Air Filters for both Turbo Inlets

*All required Grade-8 Hardware


**Options now available direct from Huron Speed with your kit:

-Full 3″ Muffler-less exhaust exiting the rear w/tips for single exit tip rear bumpers for $499

-Tubular Stainless Steel extra thick .120 wall Manifolds to clear 6-bolt heads for $749

-Turbochargers from Comp Turbo or Precision Turbo

-Wastegates from Huron Speed, Precision Turbo or Turbosmart

-BOV from Huron Speed, Precision Turbo or Turbosmart

-Oiling system if choosing to run oiled turbos including Exa pump, -4 feed lines, -10 return lines, fittings, flanges, check valves, oil cap fitting, and harness for the Exa pump.

-Boost/Vacuum Line setup with Huron Speed CNC log, fittings, 1/4″ Vacuum hose and clamps

-Fueling upgrades from Squash Performance, FIC Injectors, ADM Performance


**Requires: Turbochargers, Wastegates, BOVs, Fueling Upgrades, Tuning



Item is for OFF-ROAD use ONLY.