Huron Speed 6th gen Camaro SS/ZL1 Twin Turbo Kit – w/ Components


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Huron Speed 6th Gen Camaro SS/ZL1 Twin Turbo Kit

-This version of the kit includes the Comp Oil-Less Turbochargers (in your desired wheel specs) and our Huron Speed HS-44 wastegates and HS-50 BOV. Options to upgrade to Turbosmart GenV Wastegates and BOV along with the new Air-Cooled option on the Comp Turbos. This setup allows for the easiest installation, eliminates the hassles of dealing with turbo oiling, leaking/smoking, and heating of the engine’s oil. All top quality components that are fully customizable!

Kit Features:

  • Fits V-band inlet Turbochargers ranging from Billet 5858s up to Billet 6871s. This allows us to supply a very quick spooling set-up on a factory engine, up to 1250+ RWHP capability as shown on our shop ZL1 making 1258 rwhp along with a very easy installation
  • Full 3″ Stainless Steel Downpipes are standard, sending the exhaust back into the tunnel for easy additional exhaust attachment to OEM or aftermarket axle-back systems.
  • Full 3″ Intake piping off each turbo allows them to properly breath, along with routing over the factory skid plate keeping them out of the way of rain and debris to keep it daily driver friendly!
  • Retains all OEM accessories in their OEM Locations
  • Requires NO drilling/tapping for the oiling unless customer prefers.
  • No heat issues like many top mount systems along with a very easy installation!
  • Includes all necessary brackets and hardware
  • Includes hose to retain PCV using the turbochargers inlet to retain suction
  • Includes push lock hose and fittings for your boost reference hookups with CNC Billet Boost Log.
  • OPTIONAL Bell Intercoolers large 6″ Air to Air intercooler which requires removal of the front bumper car, however provides unmatched cooling and airflow.
  • OPTIONAL full customization to the kit including coating to the piping, anodizing to the intercooler, and anodozing/polishing/coating to the turbochargers. Standard will be a raw stainless hotside, with satin black cold side/intake piping and Black Series Intercooler.
  • Kit available in base form without Turbochargers, Wastegate, or BOV for $4499 plus shipping or COMPLETE with a Pair of Comp Oil-Less Turbochargers, Turbosmart Hyper-gate 45 Wastegates, Turbosmart Race-Port BOV for $7999 plus shipping.
  • Kit requires fueling upgrades based on your desired power goals.
  • ZL1 cars require removal of the OEM supercharger and to replace with an Intake Manifold


Included Components:

  • Full Hot-side including Stainless .120 wall exhaust manifolds with OEM plug and plug wire access, full stainless 3″ downpipes, mid-pipes, and connection pipes to the OEM axle-back location with all O2 bungs and factory hangers.
  • Powder-coated Aluminum Cold-side tubing
  • Powder-coated Aluminum 3″ intake tubes w/ PCV attachment
  • All required silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps
  • Large vertical flow Front Mount Intercooler w/ Bolt-on Brackets
  • All required brackets and hardware
  • Included all coolant hoses and fittings to run Comp Oil-Less turbochargers.
  • Included CNC Billet Boost Log w/push-lock fittings and tubing to run all boost reference
  • All required Grade-8 Hardware
  • (2) Downpipe blankets for additional heat management
  • 50′ Roll of Heat Wrap
  • Your choice in wheel size of Comp Oil-Less Billet Turbochargers, also customizable w/ anodizing and upgradable to Air-Cooled
  • (2) 44-46mm Wastegates, your choice available in the drop down menu’s
  • 50mm BOV, your choice available in the drop down menu’s

Kit will still require fuel system upgrades based on your goals and a professional dyno tune. ZL1 cars will require an intake manifold.

Retail Pricing: $7499 + $299 shipping



  • Bell 6″ Intercooler in bare aluminum: $1499
  • Bell 6″ Intercooler Anodized in your color choice: $1749
  • Ceramic Coating to entire hot-side: $499
  • Powder Coating in your color choice of Cold Side and Intake Tubing: $249
  • Anodizing to Comp Turbocharger pieces *contact for pricing based on your needs, can anodize compressor wheels, center sections and backing plate along with polishing or coating compressor covers and ceramic turbine housings.


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