Huron Speed CTS-V gen2 Twin Turbo Kit – Base


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Huron Speed CTS-V gen2 Twin Turbo Kit

*Currently out of stock while we work on some revisions to improve the product!*

Kit Features:

*Fits Full T4 Turbos ranging from Billet 5858s up to Billet 7675s. This allows us to supply a very quick spooling set-up on a factory engine, up to 1300+ RWHP  capability on a 427ci LSx!

*Full 3″ Stainless Steel Downpipes are standard, sending the exhaust back into the tunnel for easy additional exhaust attachment 

*Full 3″ Intake piping and air filters off each turbo allows them to properly breath!

*Retains all OEM accessories in their OEM Locations

*Requires NO drilling/tapping for the oiling!

*Extra strong .120 wall stainless tubular T4 manifolds that come backed by a LIFETIME warranty as with the rest of the piping!

*Plug and Play wiring harness included for the oil return pump along with included O2 extensions.

*Large 4.5″ Thick Air 2 Air Black Series Intercooler to support 1300+hp

**Optional Bell Intercoolers FMIC, currently our only option available, Black Series above not available.

*Turbowerx Exa Oil-Return pump is standard. Option to go Oil-Less as well.

*Back by the Huron Speed Lifetime Warranty (see details on our home-page)

**This product removes the front crash beam to install the intercooler. If you are not comfortable with this, do not purchase or run.


Included Components:

*Everything you see in the main photo is included in the base kit, not pictured but included is the Turbowerx EXA Pump

*Stainless .120 wall Turbular T4 Turbo Manifolds w/ 44-46mm WG flanges 

*Stainless Steel 3″ Downpipes

*Powder-coated Stainless 2.5″ Cold Side Piping up to the Intercooler

*Powder-coated Stainless 4″ Cold-Side Piping into Throttle Body

*Large 4.5″ Air 2 Air Black Series Intercooler

*All required silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps

*Aluminum 3″ Air Intake tubes and filters for Turbo Inlets.

*Turbo-Werx EXA Oil Return Pump

*Oil Return Pump Plug and Play harness

*Billet CNC Low-Profile Oil Drain Flanges

*All required Oil Feed and Drain Fittings (No Drilling/Tapping required)

*All Oil Feed and Drain Lines

*All required Grade-8 Hardware


**Requires: Turbochargers, Wastegates, BOVs, Fueling Upgrades, Tuning, removal of your factory Supercharger and replacing with LS3 style Intake Manifold & Throttle Body



Coupe 3″ Muffler-Less Exhaust System: $629

Sedan 3″ Muffler-Less Exhaust System: $649


Item is for OFF-ROAD use ONLY.