Huron Speed HS-44 Wastegate



Huron Speed HS-44 Wastegate

-Very compact design to work well in tight spaces while still having the large 44mm valve for the flow you need to properly control your boost!

-Comes standard with 4 springs pressures that are all combinable with each other to allow for numerous boost levels. 

Spring Pressures:

Blue:       5 psi (Installed)

Red:        3 psi

Green:    5.5 psi

Yellow:   5.5 psi

*Color chart spring guide included with the wastegate. Exact boost pressure produced on your engine is also dependent upon the location the WG is installed* 


Cast body, CNC 2-piece top hat in polished/black

4 included springs

Inlet and Discharge flanges and clamps included

1 year warranty


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