Huron Speed V1 T6 Turbo Crossover Pipe Only – 98-02 F-body


Add T6 Drain Support Bracket

Same support bracket from our F-body V1 and V6 T6 kits


Huron Speed V1 T6 Turbo Crossover Pipe Only – from V1 T6 98-02 F-body Turbo Kit



V1 T6 Crossover Pipe:

-2.25” extra thick wall Stainless Divided Crossover, Truck manifold flanged with a 44-46mm V-banded Wastegate port in each bank directly in the line of exhaust flow, primary O2 sensor bungs, into a thick, stainless, divided T6 flange. All piping stays ABOVE the oem sway bar!
-T6 + Truck Manifold flange gaskets included as well as Nuts/Bolts for turbocharger mounting INCLUDED.
-Extremely strong inner-lined flex bellow allows for easy alignment and perfect mating to your truck manifold flanges.
**This is the same crossover that would come in our 98-02 F-body V1 T6 Turbo Kit, just for sale individually for use on custom or DIY projects.

Features & Benefits of the Huron Speed Truck V1 T6 Crossover:

*Stainless steel construction, fully TIG Welded, LIFETIME Warranty to the original purchaser.

*True Divided design for maximum flow and spool time with a T6 turbocharger. Dual 44-46mm wastegate flanges for the utmost boost control!



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