Huron Speed V3 99-13 Hot-Side T6 Turbo Kit – FINAL PAYMENT


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Add Turbo – T6 S400

Add Wastegates

Add HSP custom A/C Line

Add Ceramic Coating

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*This item is the final payment from our Group Purchase sale and only for those that entered the sale with a deposit. If you purchase this without previously entering the sale, your order will be refunded. For everyone in the sale, this is your link to complete your purchase.


If you are going to receive a Free WG or BOV, do NOT purchase one, simply select none, we have this noted.


The kits will ship out to you in the order in which final payments are received, due to the magnitude of kits sold in this sale we expect the first kits to begin shipping in roughly 8 weeks. 


To put this large sale on for everyone and provide huge savings and extras, all we ask for in return is some patience. THANK YOU!


Also note: Any additional items may be shipped with the kit or drop-shipped direct. We will do whatever is the quickest option to get you the parts as we understand the timeframe needs.

Adding coating to your kit will add 10-14 days for the coating to be completed and cured before shipping.



Kit Info:

V3 T6 Hot-side Kit Components:

-Stainless .120 wall Passenger turbo log w/ T6 flange and O2 sensor bung. 44-46mm WG Flange near the turbo flange for boost control of the entire system and interlocking V-band flange.
-Stainless drivers side manifold w/ interlocking V-band flange.
-Stainless crossover with improved flex locations for easier install and alignment and interlocking V-band flanges. Additional 44-46mm WG port in this crossover for better boost control with the larger turbo.
-5″ to 4″ Polished Stainless steel starter 90* downpipe with wideband O2 bung. This works well as a hood exit or starter to do what you desire.
-Wastegate dump tube for the WG location off the manifold. This will route exhaust out of the engine bay from the WG Discharge to under the truck.
**Optional custom A/C line to provide plenty of clearance without having to hassle with massaging your OEM hardline

Features & Benefits of the Huron Speed Truck V3 HOT-SIDE turbo kit:

*Extra thick .120 wall stainless steel turbo manifold will have no issues holding up to the high heat and weight of the turbocharger. Worries about cracking manifolds is a thing of the past! Now with interlocking V-band Flanges!

*Wastegate port is in the line of flow at the front of the manifold which will collect exhaust gasses from the entire system (both banks) as well as using a larger 44mm flange to control boost. No need to worry about boost creep issues! This system also has an added 2nd 44mm WG flange in the crossover to add more control when using the larger T6 turbocharger.

*Wastegate tube gets exhaust out from the engine bay to under the vehicle.

*(2) bellows are used in the crossover pipe to allow easy alignment, seal, and connection to the manifolds. With one bellow per side it will allow easier alignment and install, as well as less stress on the system and the bellows = longer life!

*Bungs for Primary O2 Sensors AND for a wideband O2 with plug is a STANDARD feature!

*System as a whole was made to provide a clean looking install, using great materials, built to make for an easy install without having to fight aligning pipes together along with easy to install v-band clamps. Boost control with a proper wastegate placement was high on the list to prevent boost creep.

*Currently only available with our starter 5″ to 4″ 90* downpipe. Works great for hood exit!



**Retains factory Air Conditioning, requires some bending/massading to OEM hardline near the accumulator OR add on our Custom A/C Line for better clearance around your downpipe!


*Include a Turbo, Wastegate, etc at a big discount to make your hotside kit more complete. For recommendations or questions on components, please feel free to e-mail us direct and ask at:



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