Huron Speed V3 Single T4 Hot-side Kit


Downpipe Option * 

Add Turbo – T4

Add Wastegate

Add Coating

Add Injectors

Add Fuel Pump Kit

Add Fuel Line Kit (Feed, Return, Reg, Rails, Filter)

Add Boost Controller

Add Power Steering Line Relocation kit

Recommended when keeping alternator down low in OEM Brackets

Add Boost/Vacuum Reference Kit

Includes Boost Log for easy install, vacuum hose, fittings, clamps and tee fittings for all of your boost/vacuum reference needs

Add Pair of Derale #16925 Pusher Fans

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Huron Speed V3 T4 Turbo Hot-side Only Kit




  • .120 wall Stainless Steel, V-banded Manifolds.
  • Extra thick, V-banded, 1-piece Stainless Crossover pipe that retains the Sway Bar and features our new Wastegate location set-up to eliminate boost creep!
  • (2) 2.5” V-band clamps for easy installation of the crossover pipe to the manifolds.
  • 3” 1-piece DP with Wideband O2 bung and plug.
  • (1) 3″ V-band clamp for easy installation of the downpipe.


**Piping kit only, requires other items noted to run, vehicle will not run without these outside sourced items completed by you, therefore sold as show only.


Requires Cold-side, Turbo, Wastegate, BOV, and Pusher Fans to complete or you can order those with the kit as well from us depending on your budget and goals! Requires Removal of the Air Conditioning system. If you wish to retain this, check out our V3 A/C kit.


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