Huron Speed V3 Truck Kit’s Group Purchase 07.5-13 Final Payment


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If you are going to receive a Free HS-44 WG or 50mm BOV, do NOT purchase one, simply select none, we have this noted.



Huron Speed Products 07.5-13 Silverado/Sierra Truck Single T4 Turbo Kit


To put this large sale on for everyone and provide big savings and extras, all we ask for in return is some patience. THANK YOU!


*This item is the final payment from our Group Purchase sale and only for those that entered the sale with a deposit. If you purchase this without previously entering the sale, your order will be refunded. For everyone in the sale, this is your link to complete your purchase.


Note: Your order will ship to you in the order of which it is received among others in the sale. We plan to ship a few kits per day until all of the kits are in your hands. Estimated shipping dates begin mid-late June.


If you are to receive either the FREE BOV’s or WG’s, or Both, select none for the BOV and/or WG

Also note: Any additional items may be shipped with the kit or drop-shipped direct. We will do whatever is the quickest option to get you the parts as we understand the timeframe needs.

Adding coating to your kit will add 10-14 days for the coating to be completed and cured before shipping.

Options: Some options will ship with your kit, others direct from the manufacturer depending on lead time and availability. We will always do what will get you your product most quickly. Coatings will add 7-10 days to your order.

V3 07.5-13:
-Stainless .120 wall Passenger turbo log and Stainless drivers side manifolds
-Stainless crossover with improved flex locations for easier install and alignment
-Stainless downpipe with wastegate recirculation and bung for wideband O2 sensor
-Stainless downpipe extension for catback hook-up
-All new style of Aluminum cold side with card style MAF Flange, 50mm BOV flange, and 4″ thick intercooler w/ bracket
-All required Clamps/Couplers
-Included coolant line extension fittings
-Included Oil feed and drain line kit
-Included turbo air intake (4″) with air filter and PCV port
-Included roll of heat wrap
-Included T4 turbo blanket
-Hardware to Install


Any questions, please e-mail direct to:


Product is for Off-road use only.


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