V3 Turbo Exhaust Manifolds *Retain Alternator*


Passenger Side Manifold

Driver’s side manifolds are the same on all V3 kits that retain the Alternator. The passenger side manifold we have one that does not Retain AC that is found in the V3 T4 kit, V3 Twin Kit and V3 T6 kit. We have a different passenger side manifold that retains AC in the V3 AC Kit you can opt for here if you wish.

Add Alternator Heat Shield

Custom fit heat shield to bolt over the alternator to provide extra protection of heat from the manifold.


These are the new V3 Turbo Manifolds used in our F-body V3 turbo kit line-up.




  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Made from .120 wall tubing (nearly twice as thick as most all other manifolds/headers on the market!) to withstand the weight and heat of turbo applications
  • Thick Flanges
  • Stepped V-band flange for perfect flange alignment/installation
  • Made for 98-02 F-body applications, forward facing, RETAIN the OEM Alternator in the OEM Position!
  • Outlet on the passenger side requires A/C Compressor removal.
  • **Opt for substituting in our AC passenger side manifold for additional $50 from V3 AC Kit.

For Offroad use only.


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